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Two-way Radio Set

Ian B

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Motorola Handi-com

These are 461MHz pre PMR band short range business radios (similar range to PMR).


Set comprises two Handsets, 4 NiCad batteries, two mains chargers.

Nicads appear to be holding a charge ok (but no warranty!) and the handsets have detachable antennas. Connections for remote headset.


£20 the set plus delivery



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Hi Ian. I have a few Qs.


How short is the range across cars (in reality rather than the 'up to a few km in ideal conditions' that they usually state?

Are they loud enough to be used in a Seven?

Can an earpiece be plugged in?

Do they have a belt clip on the back?


Thanks, Andy

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Hi Andy, I'll answer as best I can, although it's years since I've used them personally (they were used by my engineers on building sites when testing/tracing cables).


I assume you mean range between moving cars - sorry, no idea as we never used them like that. They worked over several floors of large office buildings though!


They do go very loud, and I would say you could hear the speaker in a seven if it was say near the handbrake (or clipped to a harness?).


They have connections for headset (eg speaker & mic). I guess that also has the facility for a remote push-to-talk button as well (not at home where the units are to check, but it would be very unlikely if they didn't).


I "think" they have a belt clip, but again I'm away for a couple of days so can't physically check.


What more do you want for £20 😬

HTH *wink*



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Thanks Ian. I know it's a very good price. The reason for my apprehension is that a few of us have spent a few quid on walkie talkies in the last few years, so I'm trying to ensure my second attempt is my final attempt at finding the right set.
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