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K Series alternator wiring

Mikey UC

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I’ve swapped my old crossflow for a k series and have a few wiring ‘issues’


The alternator is a standard Rover item with a Lucas 3 pin block connector.


So far its connected with the two large brown wires and the brown/yellow wire in the connection block, as the crossflow, but I can’t find a terminal on the alternator for the feed back to the dash indicator light.


Pikie of alternator




I guess it does need one, but there doesn’t seem to be anything obvious to connect on to.


Thanks for any help.


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That's a Lucas A127 alternator, commonly fitted to British classics. I have the same setup as you on my K-series. There is a normally a small wiring connector, held in place with the wire clip you can see, but the insulated terminals you have are fine too. The smallest of the three terminals is for the warning light, as pointed out above.
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