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classic leman 2014 - tickets

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I contacted le man ticket office and was told 2 weeks ago that they are being sent out in alphabetical order , so me being an R will have to wait until near the end !


If M has been received from the chap above then I hope it's not long , we leave next week !



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Well my surname is R and got my delivered tickets on the 6th June!

Friends got theirs last week.


I can believe the ACO leave it so late to distribute to agents and individuals. *thumbdown*


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They always arrive quite near to the event, which is a pain when trying to distribute them in time *rolleyes*


We've been told the Club's tickets are being sent out "this week".


Part of the problem is the organisers are busy with the 24hr, so I think the Classic gets 2nd place.


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Just had this from the organisers:

I confirm that nothing has been sent for the moment as our tickets production has been stopped during the 24 Hours.

We will receive all the tickets this week.

We ordered tickets more than 3 weeks ago and are working hard to be not too late for your sending to your members.

As soon as we receive them we will keep you inform!

So looks like it could be down to the wire *rolleyes*




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