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Tin top knocking sound...driveshaft?

Tom Butcher

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So my tin top has just started a knocking noise from the front. It sounds like a wheel bearing type noise but only when I am free wheeling at around 1500-2000 revs. It stops with the slightest application of throttle or brake..... Which makes me question if it's possibly something else?

My car is an A6 avant, 2.0 TFSI Regular 2 wheel drive not Quattro.

Any ideas or experiences?

Many thanks in advance 😶‍🌫️


I am starting to think it could be the drive shaft cv joint? it only knocks when the wheels are straight. Stops as soon as i turn the wheel, brake or accelerate.. it does stop when i take it out of gear.. anyone think the same?


Edited by - tom butcher on 17 Jun 2014 11:32:43

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