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Premier Power Lotus 7 Club Speed Championship 2014 - Round 04 - Epynt


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A great weekend of motor sport, enjoyed by everyone there, looking forward to next years visit already.


Results are now on competitors corner here


Class Winners :-

Class 1 - Steffan Eldred - 66.06s - New Record

Class 2 - Chris Bramall - 65.09s

Class 3 - Michael Calvert - 61.51s

Class 5 - Shaun Elwell - 55.57s - New Record

Class 7 - Simon Rogers - 54.99s


Edward lewis :-

Class 1 - Staffan Eldred - 1.67

Class 2 - Chris Bramall - 4.38

Class 3 - Oliver Wright - 5.98

Class 5 - Gill Elwell - 4.00


Ladies - Gill Elwell

Novice - Philip Matchwick


As always please let me know any errors.

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Glad you all had a dry weekend after the last few years - that place is fab in the dry (even if the loos don't flush *mad*).

Oli did you do the assault course before breakfast or something? Well done - (Chris and Gill obviously did it too *biggrin*)

And as Shaun and Steff beat the Class records, it looks like they really do put something in the water at Epynt - so ten out of ten to the campers - obviously it wasn't a live firing night!

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The loo's actually flushed this year, and there was even some portaloo's which were far cleaner than the squaddies toilets.


and not a single shell to disturb sleep on either Friday or Saturday night, just needed plenty of midge repellant.


A great weekend & as well congratulations to Shaun & Steff for beating the class records also Congratulations as well to Simon on setting a new hill record.


look forward to a dry event next year 😬


Edited by - CaterBram on 16 Jun 2014 12:31:50

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Thanks for the comments, we have possible plans to surface the new holding area, it worked fairly well in lots of ways including giving the starters a break! I think we need to keep the maximum entry to 75 cars which will make it doable with the return system and allow enough paddock space. Many thanks to you all for parking so nicely and you even managed to blag the tarmac!


The weather always helps and this year the gods were with us, hopefully it's a trend!!

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You have to remember ours aren't rally cars McTaff. We will find hard tarmac space wherever we can!


Thanks very much, it was a very enjoyable event and well marshalled in the paddock as well as on the course.


My feedback is that I thought the idea of the holding area was a good idea, but I didn't like it at all due to the surface. Tarmac would make a huge difference if it could be done.




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I think you may find I set a Class 7 Record also *tongue*


Check Class 6 from 2010.


I was 15m up to the first chicane on my last run compared to Saturdays record until the downshift gremlin appeared. I'll be out in the garage tonight to hunt him down *evil*


Don't think it would have been a 53sec run quite!


Shaun's time was 😶‍🌫️ I need more power


114mph into the final braking area on Sunday mornings P2 which was 3 hundredths of the previous days record. And it was all so easy - no locked brakes after changing the pads on Sunday morning - unlike Saturday.


Video uploading now *thumbup*

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  • Support Team

Having done a 55.33 in practice it seems possible to get into the 54s without a Busa engine 😬. 113mph before braking for the final hairpin and that was braking too early *cry*

I will upload my video tonight.

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  • Support Team

Lots of midge bites here too *cry* mostly from Friday night as we were able to use Chris B's nuclear midge deterrent on Saturday *smokin*

Also managed to scratch my eye with some grit at some point on Sunday

Still a great weekend though.

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  • 2 months later...

Following on from discussions at Wiscombe yesterday, i've double checked the class 7 results since we started competing at Epynt.


the correct record for Class 7 was not Graham Fords 61.08s from 2010 but Adrian Williams 58.09 from 2012.


My apologies to Simon for the oversight and i've corrected the results sheet.



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