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Mapping - what to take

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I made the mistake of mapping mine on Super - ok, I probably got a bit more out of it, but it has been a pain in the neck on tour - particularly on the Continent, but also in Scotland. Even my local Tesco (near the Forth bridges) doesn't stock super...
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That was "interesting" to say the least!

The two Steve's are certainly unique but what a service!

On a full power run watching my exhaust turn deep red in front of my eyes (a little concerning *eek*)with all the shifts lights on bouncing on the limiter! Oh, & the noise was someting else.

A very short blat would seem I have the car running properly with no misfire, and smooth like I have never known it.

If you're thinking about - do it - as if my results are anything to go by you won't regret it *smokin*

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Domus and I were there about 4 weeks ago and as you say they transformed our cars (150 & 140 Sigmas). Both now run more smoothly and much more responsive to the throttle. I also found it more economical even when driven hard in Scotland.


Would thoroughly recommend them, even if you feel you 140 supersport runs well I would wager it will be better afterwards.


*thumbup* *thumbup*


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