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Benefits of removing the Catalytic Converter?


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I have some questions on removing the cat (not the one the Mrs and the kids have .... but removing that would be good as well *redface*)


1) What is the performance improvement by replacing the cat with a straight through pipe?

2) How doe this effect the exhaust emissions and therefore do you need to put the Cat back on for MOT time?

3) I guess the Lambda probe fits into the straight through pipe but do you need to do any ECU mapping/ changes ?


I am thinking about doing this but weighing up hassle / cost vs benefit.

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It's a R300 Duratec upgraded to 225 BHP..... I don't need any extra HP (I never thought I would say that *eek*) but as the bypass looks neater I was wondering on hassle factor at MOT time.


I know its easy enough to swap except for the springs !! they are a bugger *cry*

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My 4p-worth:


1. I doubt you'll notice any, but the exhaust note will sound harsher and more rasping.

2. You'll definitely need the cat for the MOT.

3. Correct, and IME no mapping changes are needed.


One big plus of running the bypass is that you'll now avoid expensive cat damage should you suffer from persistent misfiring. (Ask me how I know this...)




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