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Poppy seeds and the Great War hundred year commemoration.


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Advice from the Royal British Legion:



Sowing instructions:

Sow your Centenary Poppy Seeds outdoors where they are to grow. Prepare the ground well and rake to a fine tilth before sowing. Sow 1.5mm deep, in rows 30cm apart.


Growing Instructions:

When large enough to handle, thin seedlings out to 15-23cm apart.


Please note: guidance from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs states that that poppy seeds should not be used near agricultural areas or sites of scientific interest. They are for use on an individuals' (sic) own land only.

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The French seem to have another scheme. We were at the site of a post D-Day airfield in Normandy three weeks ago. I remarked to the local mayor on the bright green growing crop that covered the site. He explained that this was Flax and that by D-Day it would all be blue *thumbup*


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In answer to your question Toby as to when -well mine were seeded about 6 weeks ago ! Try your luck and put them in asap ! Don't forget to harvest and dry store the seed pods once the flowers have gone - each pod will contain 65-100 seeds for planting next year.
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