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New member from Belgium


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Dear fellow Seveners,


It all started some ten years ago. Some friends and I attended the 2004 Goodwood FoS. One evening I was the lucky one to be the passenger in Angus & Tessa's 7 on a trip to their home. That evening we also witnessed and experienced the potential of the freshly fitted LSD to A&T's 7. It was huge fun and I promised myself: one day I'll have a 7 too.

Lack of funds and other priorities such as a property purchase made 7 ownership a distant dream. Almost obsessive browsing the classified ads on PH for years and attending some LoT track days in Abbeville kept the dream alive.

Until November last year it remained a dream. Although the plan was to buy one in the UK I , almost accidentally, found one for sale only few miles away from Antwerp, where I live. A low mileage black 2006 Roadsport VVC with white nose band, imported from the UK and homologated a few years ago. Although very reasonably priced, even for UK standards, it was slightly over budget. To cut a long story, due to some unexpectedly revealed technical issues and the owner eager to sell it I managed to purchase the car at a bargain price. Over winter it was brought back into perfect technical condition and got finally road legal, insured, registered and ready to take it on the road at my birthday last February. The best birthday present to myself ever!

I have collected in excess of 2.000 miles since and enjoyed every single minute of it. Well, maybe not every single minute as I have already experienced how it's like when you drive it with the hood erected in torrential rain at night.


Hope to meet some of you in the future, on the track, in the UK, on the continent or anywhere else.


Best regards,


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Welcome Steve *wavey*


Good ol' Angus and Tessa. I remember he let me play in his 7 after he had his LSD fitted - despite the fact I was completely familiar with their benefits as I'd always had one on mine. 😬 *smokin* *thumbup* My experience of being a passenger with him at a Club's Handling Day is a different story - I'm not a good pax *eek*



May be see you at a LoT day.





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Welcome Steve, look out for Elie Boone, from somewhere in Belgium, very knowledgeable on all matters 7, and a regular contributor to these pages. Elie often helps me with the technical stuff via e mail, as I am in New Zealand, see, it's a worldwide club.

Regards, Nigel.

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