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What to drink ?


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This weekends conundrum

when i watch Rugby I drink Guinness

Cricket is Pimms

Horses tend to involve Champagne

Real Ale at Varsity Matches

Scrumpy Glasto Weekend

what to drink for the marathon sofa session that starts tomorrow at 0800 for Group C then 24 hr lemons

This is a serious issue . Get it wrong early on and the weekend may be ruined

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The accompanying beverage does reflect on the whole event


Last weekend at the Barlow Hunt show in Bakewell we went wrong early with G& T . To be honest on the Saturday port would have been more in order , however Sunday definitely was a Blonde Bier day

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One part cachaza Brazilian white rum. Juice of 1 whole lime poured over crushed ice. Add 1 heaped tea spoon of brown sugar and stir till dissolved. Cut the lime into 4. Stir in the 4 quarters.


Play Brazilian bossa nova tunes from the 60s. Serve to eager audience *tongue*

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Quoting Dave Allen: 
Homemade Pimms *thumbup*
quite agree... haven't had the namby-pamby shop-bought stuff for years (though we use Jane McQuitty's recipe: one measure each of gin and red vermouth plus half a measure of Orange Curaçao; like your idea of using Southern Comfort instead of the Curaçao)


Oh... and top-up with dry ginger ale rather than lemonade...

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