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Duratec Crank and Cam Sensors wiring

Mike Eamer

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Afternoon all,


A mate of mine is fitting a duratec to his Mk1 Escort (over in Aus) and is wiring it up to a Haltech ECU.


There is a query about the polarity of the crank and cam sensors as to rising or falling rate signals... a portion of his email below


"Btw – spoke to haltech today. They don’t know how to wire the crank and cam sensors. They do say that polarity does matter to the ECU. The ECU can work with both rising and falling sensor types as it is selectable in the ECU settings. They reckon 70% of sensors are falling types. Any other ideas? I could just trial and error it but when I’m starting with a base map that I don’t know whether it works (plus everything else) the process of elimination could be a lengthy one"


Does anyone have info regarding how to wire these up to an aftermarket ECU? He has the standard Ford plugs and the engine came from a low mielage write-off Focus circa 2008 I think.


Any help appreciated.




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I run my 2.3 Duratec with a Haltech ECU, here are my Trigger settings:



The crank sensor ist original Ford, the cam sensor is from VW/Audi and Hall effect typ.



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