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How Much!!


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I think the most I've been stiffed is a tenner a corner - but that was by a chain with a policy of not fitting tyres supplied by someone else.


£30 all in is 'about right' - I've never achieved the £5 a corner often quoted.

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Kwick Fit in Newark have charged me two prices - £10 a corner including weights and disposal of old tyres ( with paperwork)


Fitting new tyres to new rims £25 all in


They will however only fit Tyres that are obviously new

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Found a place £10 a corner.


Steve-B, I agree that if you buy the tyres at Adams and Page, likely they do fit for free, but I have a friend who works at Yoko so got the tyres at well under what you would find them on the street or on-line.



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