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Seeding lawns with flowers


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Our lawn is a wreck - and we plan to re-lay it and so some other garden redesign later this year.


Is it too late to seed the existing lawn for flowers that might encourage insects? The lawn is pretty-poorly drained, by the way, and gets very squelchy after rain. Daisies love it though... *rolleyes*

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Daisies are always a good bet & are very hardy. As the weather is warm now. Perhaps there is a native UK wild flower mix that you could spread as a stop gap till the redesign. Not sure about the UK. But in America every county has an agriculture office that will usually have packets of native wild flower seed mixes for sale at a low cost. The native flower mix is really beneficial to our six legged friends as well.


I once owned a home that had a naturally occurring low spot. So I planted a willow tree that liked to have it's feet wet. Squelchy lawn issue done and dusted.


If you suffer from poor drainage due to the soil, Just chuck the lawn in the bin and start over with a alpine rock garden (or something similar) with islands of flowers throughout. Rock gardens are a breeze to maintain as well.


Best of luck

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