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Friday 13th


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My favourite Friday 13th coincidence was as a school kid. I had long hair back in those days - and a cat that liked to sleep on/in my bed at night.


I woke up one F13 to find that said cat had sicked-up a load of hastily-gobbled bacon rind on my pillow - and I'd rolled in it.


My main gripe was having to wash my hair (full-stop - I hated it) rather than any revulsion as such... *rolleyes*

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I think I had my Friday 13th yesterday


Managed to drop a full can of gloss paint In the communal area of a flat I own !!!


Just waiting for the call from the managing agent and the argument about the fact that it was 20 years old and needed changing anyway .







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Ah. I've just spotted that one of the lower damper bolts on the Caterham has sheared.


I regard this as breaking-even on the F13 luck scale - bugger of a job to fix, but at least I spotted it on the driveway and not during a fatal-accident inquiry!

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We've just moved one of our customers to a new office, so far the list includes


Wrong phone lines installed by BT

New LED TV faulty out of the box

Wrong comms cab onsite


Pretty good going for an office with 10 people in it 😳 still the customer is happy as we've managed to work around most of the issues the suppliers have caused so they have working IT and a shiny new telephone system.




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Everything was going fine until I spilt orange squash on my son's closed laptop 😔 *mad*. Stripped it and dried it out before he got home - phew I thought.


He's just shown me a water mark in his screen - bu@@er!


Still it's worth the £60 replacement cost to keep schtum. I'd never live it down having told him never to put a drink near his PC *redface*


Edited by - Klunk on 13 Jun 2014 23:24:53

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