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Hords of them North Tyne


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Well 4 anyway, BRG with Clams, Silver, Red and BRG with gold centre stripe, all bagged up for touring and without owners, in Bellingham, suspect owners may have been having a pint in the Cheviot, picked a great day for it, hope you enjoyed the rest of your day




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Twas the LADS posse on route to Gairnshiel Lodge via a night in Melrose and a trip to the Jim Clark museum in Duns in the morning.


Sadly not having a pint in pub but a cuppa in the cafe just down the road.


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3 of them headed north west for cakes at Cawdor and then on to Bealach Na Ba. If SWMBO wasn't working today we would have joined them, it looked like great weather on the west coast. We had a very memorable day on Sunday, 11 se7ens and a Lotus GT3 all moving very rapidly in convoy through Glenshee *smokin*


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