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VIN Number Mystery


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My VIN number is SDKRDK5NS1001***7


(Not actually ***, just have been kindly reminded that it might not be such a good idea to put the full number on a public forum with all the other information!)


So "RHD, deDion, Kit, SV, Engine Not Supplied, 2001, Chassis 001***7"


However, whilst playing around with other things (as I do ...) I pulled the VIN code out of the ECU that was installed when I got the car:




So "RHD, deDion, Kit, Starter Kit, Engine Not Supplied, 1997, Chassis 001***7"


If the ECU was taken from another car I could understand them being different ... but the chassis number is the same! Why would the ECU have been programmed with a different VIN code, indicating different years, for the same chassis number? Engine number is 001***7 so not a Rover number and matches chassis.


Just wondering about its history ... not really important 😬 The engine and ECU did seem to be a bit of a muddle of mismatched parts when I got it (ECU part number matched and EU3 VVC 143, engine was a 160, wiring loom was for a 143 so the IAT wasn't wired up) but all sorted now and not even using the above ECU, I'm just intrigued.


Edited by - revilla on 12 Jun 2014 14:01:56

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Thanks ECR for pointing that out - I'm not at my brightest today!

I've edited the post to replace some digits with *** now.

I've also blurred my registration and removed it from the text of my signature.


Edited by - revilla on 12 Jun 2014 14:09:43

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