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K-Series fault code reader being developed


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For anyone who is particularly interested there is a new K-series specific (Rover/MG) fault code reader being developed under a crowd funded initiative.


Details here:


The Philip, the chap who is putting it together, is keen to test the kit on as many K-series variants as possible to check the robustness of the software and this weekend is having a couple of test sessions and would welcome any K-Series Caterham owners who wished to attend.


If anyone is interested the two venues are:


10am Friern Barnet Retail park N11 3PW

2pm (or a bit later) Halfway House CM13 3LL

Further details at www.pscan.eu

The exact timing of the 2pm meet depends on traffic etc.




PS. I have no vested interest in the project and just offered to post the details on Blatchat.


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