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1a tyres of choice for class 1? Wheel/tyre combo?


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Just a quick 'newbie' question - 1a tyres of choice for class 1?


Need to change my aging ZZ3's (!) (currently 185/60 R14's)- was planning to go to 13" rims and Yoko a539's. Was planning to go to 6" rims all round with 175/70 R13's but can't find a539's in that profile. The nearest I can find is 175/60 R13's? That gives me a 34mm drop in overall diameter - is that what people are using? (not a massive fan of small tyres in big arches myself (aesthetically - for what it's worth!)....).


I know 6" front, 8" back is an option - any benefits there with a low powered car (120k)??


On a budget, so would consider any 2nd hand rims/tyres out there.


Any thoughts/advice welcome.

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I'm not sure what other options are technically possible but all the regulars in class 1 use the 539s. I'm not near my car to check but from memory they are as you say 175/60 R14s.


I agree that they don't really fill the arches but you won't be worried about what the car looks like when your tearing up a hill and most importantly they are cheap from the likes of Polley. You may find you go with 2 sets of wheels anyway, 1 for road and one for sprinting.


When I started sprinting a couple of years ago I was told there would be no benefit of 8inch rears with the our sort of power.... but someone may correct me.


If you're not fussy about some scruffy minilites then there always seem to be plenty of them changing hands.




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Hi Quitarguy


I am in class 2 and I use A539s. I have 13" wheels because I always understood that they are lighter and have less inertia so they should accelerate better. It is also noticeable that all the race cars use 13" wheels. Unfortunately all this theory doesn't seem to get me to go any faster but I think that you will find most of class 1 use 13" wheels as well. I have A359s in 185/60 on 6" rims which will give you a bit more rubber on the road and slightly larger rolling diameter than 175/60.



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Thanks Steff/Roger,


Yes, I thought originally it was 185/60 R13 but couldn't find that size/profile originally on my preliminary searches.... but yes, as you say George Polley, have them *smile*. Probably go that route once I find some rims....


Chrs Mark


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