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2017 America's Cup (incl Spoilers)


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Angus.. (thx for FB mx)... there is a large amount of un-shared news on this... I almost posted on FB and deleted due to NDA's etc, BC is safer(ish!)... Lets just say there is a huge amount going on very quickly here... though as I am v against one plan as are 45% of the involved there are many hurdles to cross


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It will be great to see a bit more coverage with the British entry.... The last cup was just incredible and as usual passed so many by. If they can continue with the current format, incorporate a more regular racing season as they started to do the potential is on an F1 scale. I would have thought this would be something Maclaren would be jumping at to get involved in. I am guessing he biggest challenge is instigating an infrastructure from scratch, again why teaming up with the likes of Maclaren makes sense.


We watch with eager excitement as in Ben we trust *smile*


David M

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Can someone please explain to me.....

Oracle Team USA will be defending in the one-on-one race in 2017, but they are also competing in the challenger series taking place this year and next. Is it irrelevant where they come, since they will be in the final as it were anyway ? I'm confused. Apart from good practice for them I don't see why they are taking part now.



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I caught the 1 hour programme on Monday afternoon.  great stuff from LRBAR.

1 st day looked a bit tame but the second day they were up un the foils. Shame there isnt wider coverage.

there is a really good chance they will get to contend for the cup.

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