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Tom Tom 825

Alan Reeves

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I go to take the ' map update' and the machine says its full? IOts a few years old biut I have not added anything apart from Speed cameras.


It says I can reduce to get the updates. I take the speed cameras of inc Europe. Still not enough.


It says I can park some of my maps so I think ok im unlikely to need Russia and the old central bits.


Not possible to have western Europe ie spain, france, benelux, switzerland, italy and scandy.. no but you can have france and benelux germany etc. but not with spaain


The choices are bizare and clearly deliberate to antagonise. Why would you not automatically have france and spain rather than France and russia who the eck last drove to Russia ( he had a small tash)


How could my TT have been so marginal on space when new ?


Why would TT deliberately do this


yep I am mightily peed of, £ 200 quids worth down the tubes ( ok exaggeration)


Garmin is going to be ordered so at least i will cut my nose of to...M25 what Garmin do you use





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Let's assume you want some help ...


The 825 will take a Micro SD memory card. I would suggest getting something like this for the princely sum of 4 quid.


But a quick Google suggests your device needs to be running recent firmware to be able to use a memory card for maps, so make sure that you've updated TomTom Home itself to the latest available version, and then installed any updates for the device before you attempt to update any maps.


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Before I bought my TT 750 I heard the standard maps for it wouldn't fit on the internal memory and so was prepared with a micro SD card. I appreciate the maps grow in size if extra features are added to them, but it was pretty poor that it couldn't be used out of the box.
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More or less my initial point but offering an alternative set of maps that don't work together is wagging a red flag in my face


They gave sent me a msg which I will look at tomorrow


I will pursue them a bit more




Edited by - Alan Reeves on 11 Jun 2014 22:06:52

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