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Keeping the birds off

Big Bad Baz

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At one side of the bottom of our drive is a blossom tree. Depending who gets home from work first, it's either the 7 or the Ford Focus that ends up parked pretty much right underneath it. Now this tree is a very popular perch for the local bird population, which brings with it the obvious "fallout". And my god, some of those birds must have been on the curry recently. I washed the 7 yesterday after it had been used as a latrine and by 0900 this morning there were more deposits.


Knowing the adverse effects that guano can have on our precious paintwork, I'm looking for a simple and inexpensive method of deterring the birds from sitting (and sh*tting) in the tree.


Do those plastic owl/bird of prey decoys work? Or is there an alternative - I've seen old CDs put to use as bird scarers.


(By the way, I've checked with "the authorities" and chopping the tree down is not an option.)

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I used one of those plastic owls to try and keep birds off my boat. It worked well on The Opposition when I left it on the kitchen table.


If you were a bird, would you avoid a comfy home on account of a plastic owl? I got rid of it when it was covered in guano. It was then sent with the weans to their school, where it provided hours of fun.

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