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POBC And App that goes "Ping "


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Long story short - Drunken bet -Bros code applied - no getting out - forfeit is not worth contemplating


I have to undertake a 5k run in 6 weeks time and complete it in under 40 minutes


So I am following the "Couch to 5 k" programme

Only issue is the only stopwatch timers I can find for a Windoze 8 fone do not go " Ping " or Vibrate at set intervals so I am waddling along country lanes having to look at a clock on my phone , screen dozes after 65 seconds and all the hassle that generates

So if the fone could go Ping or vibrate at set intervals life would be simpler



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Use the app ? It is free. Or download the "audio book" version ?


I had problems with the iPhone version and setting the volume internally on the app.


Now have it on my 'Droid phone and had to do a similar fiddle.


The american woman is annoying though ...."Start Waarking".


Fully recommend the C25K programme though !


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You must've been very drunk Del, but good on you … I'd be happy to pledge a donation to a greyhound charity if you need some extra motivation *wink* *thumbup*





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Download the Strava app.

I use a Garmin running watch but my running-buddy uses his iPhone with the Strava app. He has it set so that it gives him information every mile .... it actually speaks the minutes per mile to him! I'm not sure whether the screen goes blank after a set time but it does continue to give info by voice.



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Thanks all , that's sorted

Found I can down load as a Podcast which Windoze 8 recognises .


And yes I was very drunk - FY year end and I made all the numbers . For anybody that works for a revenue driven company where the bottom line is all that counts you will know the feeling *cool*


Oh and the sponsorship will be for phase 2 the " Sherwood Pines " 10k and it will be for Princess Royal Child Carers Trust ( or I will not do it and just empty my own piggy bank) *eek*


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This will depend totally on your age/mentality but when I used to run a lot I listened to the rocky soundtrack. Very motivational for me, and x number of songs is x minutes. In fact rocky one soundtrack is about 40 minutes long. Good luck. Might do one myself now you've mentioned it.
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Good on you. My wife did this recently for the electric run. Started out worried that she wouldn't be able to run that far, whipped around in half an hour. She was so quick she ended up waiting at the finish line for 10 minutes while I walked back to find her!


So SWMBO tried the couch to 5k app to start with, but it didn't really work out. So I ended up pace setting for her which seemed to help. If you know anyone who can do the same for you, it will make a world of difference. Having a buddy also helps when all you want to do it stroll back - there will be times when you just aren't in the mood, but those are the most important runs. Start small - jog round the block, build up your confidence, practice your breathing, and don't run so far that you can't finish it with energy to spare. Then start adding sections (depending on where you live this could be really hard or really easy!) and slowly build up. We measured routes on Google Maps to get a rough idea of how far we were running. We'd also do things like jog to Sainsbury and I'd carry the shopping back (lucky me!).

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