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How do I remove the pulley from a Brise alternator?


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I have just started to fit my Brise alternator which is supplied with a small pulley for a 4 rib belt. Brise have supplied me with a pulley for a 5 rib belt but I can't see any way of removing the existing pulley.

Any one got any ideas?

There is nothing substantial enough to jam a screwdriver in to stop the pulley rotating.

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Get an old fanbelt, wrap it round the pulley nice and tight then grip the fanbelt in a vice. You can then undo the nut. Or use a rag like Roger says, or a loop of rope that you can twist round with a bar until it goes tight, then wedge the bar in such a way that the pulley won't turn and crank away with a spanner to your heart's content.
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