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Caterham Dry Sump tower breather?


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Hi all, The pipe that comes off the top of the swirl tower has always been into a breather/catch tank. I routed a pipe from the breather to the rear of the car to take away the vapours. I seem to be getting oily vapours into the car and have tried to seal it up but to no avail. Could route this pipe back to the unused breather outlet on the cam cover?. The other one from the camcover plumbs back into the airbox, hence the vapours would be contained. Will this work or not?



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It will but you will be chucking oil into the airbox.

I used to have the same set up and got lots of oil around the engine bay so I have just re-routed it so that the swirl tower goes to the previously unused cam cover inlet and then the cam cover outlet is plumbed to the catch tank - I glued a blanking grommet into the hole in the airbox backplate. So far this seems to work much better. I have got a proper catch tank though rather than the plastic bottle that Caterham supply.

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