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Hose clips


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So having swapped over the original, disintegrating CC tat that came with the car, to a multi-coloured silicone setup, I've found that the J hose is somewhat shorter that the old one - this means that there is not a lot of hose on the submarine and the radiator outlet.


I've assembled it, and there is a bit of hose behind the jubilee clip, which is behind the beading, but there's not as much to play with as before.


How much hose should there be where? On the original setup there was oodles of hose leftover?

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So long as there is enough hose to make a bulge to stoo the clip sliding off (say 1/4") and the clip is upward of the swaged bulge on the pipe, I'd suggest you're ok. If it's not leaking, sounds as if the hose has formed to accommodate the o-ring groove.



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IIRC I removed the o ring from the t stat housing, sawed through the groove then reduced the remaining lip with a file as I couldn't get the hose on.


Re the shorter hose - can you move the submarine pipe along so there is less of it in the radiator hose?



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Thanks Ian - interesting stat solution! I think it will be ok... fingers crossed!


That's what I've plumped for in the end with the sub pipe, it meant the kinky hose to the header tank no longer fitted but I had a length of 3/8th pipe that fit the bill perfectly *thumbup*

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