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Where to buy exhaust packing...


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I spoke to Ammo earlier this afternoon regarding my Raceco silencer and he was helpful as ever. He has advised me to put a bit more packing into the silencer and I don't have quite enough *rolleyes*


Can you good folks recommend the best place to buy silencer packing please. Is it all basically the same stuff or are there different qualities? Raceco's packing is loose, like soft fibreglass strands but doesn't seem to irritate your hands.


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Andy, if Doug doesn't want it then I probably will - mine tends to need packing only slightly less often than it needs filling with petrol 😬 I'll certainly want to pack it before Castle Combe as I'll be doing a couple of thousand miles before then (a little shake down test around the Alps!)
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When doing the prototype work on the Raceco silencer we went through three different types of material until we found a high temperature E-Glass material that was a good compromise between sound attenuation and durability. I would use our material in our silencers if you can.


I was recently told by someone who had done that back to back testing that there was no difference between Acoustafil and a properly packed silencer filled with E-Glass.


In an emergency use whatever you can get. If you have the time why not order the material the silencer was designed to use?


Just my opinion.







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