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Blacksmith shop equipment - SOLD

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Further clearout, suitable for anyone wanting to do some blacksmithing. Located at my parents' place near Cadwell, Lincs. Now available as my folks are back from holiday.


Working coke powered forge, 3'6" square with canopy and chimney. Bolted construction so it can be altered as required. Variable speed blower motor to water cooled tuyere (very useful - stops the heat melting your air pipe). Water tank to rear. It needs a single phase 240V supply for the blower. £150 here


Anvil, 1.5cwt, good condition on tree stump base. Big enough, approx 2 ft long, £150 here


Forge hand tools: here


10 assorted swages and cutting tools

20 hand held tongs, various shapes and sizes

12 cutting chisels, various sizes

At a push these small items can be posted.


This is a complete working forge with everything required to set up a blacksmith's workshop. It came out of a school some years ago when they stopped doing forge work.


Total £450, bought as a package and collected £400, and he'll throw in a couple of big hammers for advanced metal bashing.


A large quantity of mild steel is available: sq, rect, round, angle, can be included in the sale, price TBC.


Note - Dave Rothwell, I've phoned your friend and left a message asking him to phone my Dad for details on this. Thanks a lot for passing the details on.


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Sale agreed. *smile*

Thank you very much to John and Mark for helping with the sale and buying the stuff.


What you need now is some oxy acetylene gear to weld and braze things together when you have forged the parts. 'Course you do. I know a man with some very high quality BOC gear, regulators, flashback arrestors, the full kit. Just add bottles. G'wan g'wan g'wan, y'will y'will y'will! 😬


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Sold and collected yesterday. Thank you to everyone concerned who expressed an interest or passed on messages and phone numbers, and my Dad reports another painless and satisfactory Blatchat sale. He is delighted to have the space, and the buyer (was it John or Mark?) was very happy with what he got. *smile*


Thanks again, watch this space for further items being disposed of.


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