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Well after a great practice run i was never really on the pace and could never get close to my time. My final run was going well until I came to no name, I lifted in 6th and then the car just lost power ☹️, felt very much like it was running out of petrol, but I know there was plenty in.


In the video after the lift I had my foot flat to the floor but the revs are still dying, down to 5th for the next corner and it was still just dying, but then it picked up and the rest of the run I had no similar problem. It is hard to tell on youtube but there is a warning light comign on the stack dash (i didn't spot it at the time 😳), it could have been anything but I am suspecting fuel pressure *confused*


Also then out of the chicane I got onto the power a fraction early and onto the curbs, so not wanting to head into a bank I lifted and lost more time ☹️


It was a good run, a PB even but it could have been much better. Not had chance to look at the data logs yet to see what both those errors cost me.


Roll on curborough...



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