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SPA mirror glass


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Is it possible to get just the glass for the above?


My RH side is convex and brilliant - the left one is really distorted and seems to magnify so is nigh on useless


Just need the convex glass part but cant find on the net??

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SPA will do it for you. They replaced the glass in mine while I waited a couple of months ago. If you speak to them they will probably do it if you sent it to them in the post.


Edited to add: am I right thinking you own my Dad's old superlight - Viper blue, 1.6 K Series, 51 reg?


Edited by - Matthew Willoughby on 3 May 2011 07:46:46

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Dad bought it in summer 2003 from Millwood. Its owner previous to that was Tim Henman's brother. It was a very nice car, so nice that Dad didn't really use it properly for fear of damaging it. He ended up selling it around 2005 but got bored and subsequently bought an ex-Academy car to use in the club's speed championship.
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