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Getting the seven back on the road after three years


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My seven will be going back on the road later this year after 3 years in the garage. I've changed the engine oil once a year and moved in back and forward every two months to avoid flat-spots developing in the tyres. I've also inflated the tyres to 40 psi.


Apart from a service, a good wash and polish, and a new battery what else do you recommend?


Do I need to change the diff and gearbox oil?




PS car is a 1994 1400SS with 6 speed 'box.

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Diff and gearbox oil shouldn't need changing - but you may wish to top-up or check the levels.


Brake-fluid is a 2-year (max) item though - and I'd syphon out any old fuel and replace with new rather than just topping-up and hoping.

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