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S3 Windscreen - Free


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Heated S3 windscreen with polished stanchions. Let me be frank; it is not in great condition. The frame needs serious elbow grease to get it back in to condition and the glass has several micro chips. Not a problem in daylight, but noticeable in oncoming headlights. It also has a big chip (1/4”) to the right of the mirror. It is not in line of sight until you turn left…It has a seal but I would buy a new one before fitting it.


Not sure what use it is, but free to anyone willing to collect it from Iver.



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Hello Mark,


I'm interested, I've been thinking about replacing my standard windscreen with a heated one for some time, so this could be a project case ready for the autumn.


I could pick it up in a couple of weeks time, as we will be visiting friends in the Hemel area then.


Donation to NtL okay?



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