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Goodwood Thankyou

Roger Cumming

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Thanks to Mark, Alan and all of you for help, support and advice after my rearward moment on Saturday; you are a great lot when the chips are down. Sorry you all had to have an early lunch!!!


Pleased to say no physical after effects, probably only mental. Strip down has commenced and todate looks like damage is limited to tube (wonderful bend), link and rear wing (not again), very lucky considering the thump or was that just skill at driving backaards!!!


If all parts arrive by next weekend and nothing else is found to be amiss, I could be at Curby. Keep you posted.


Thank you all



PS, anyone out there with a spare Tube....98version

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Glad to hear no after effects Roger, and repairs have started. Hope you get it all back

together for Curborough. I was stood for 10 mins waiting for your time to be

written up before... *idea* its all gone quiet on track.

The marshalls were ready for their lunch anyway *cool*


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Glad to hear you are ok.


I was at the chicane spectating with my faithful man servant, Bluenose and we both winced.


On a positive note, we gave you 10/10 for commitment and 8.5/10 for artistic merit.


Hope you get sorted quickly.



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  • Area Representative

my faithful man servant, Bluenose


I was wondering why I always get the urge to tug my forelock in your presence Peter *confused* *rolleyes*

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