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Very many thanks to all those who gave so much support and assistance yesterday, without whom the day would have been rather less than enjoyable.


In no order whatsoever, except, of course, to immediately recognise and thank our glorious leader, Mark the Chair (he often comes first) and:


Mike for his discharge; pushers unknown; the glee girls for countless things and unpacking, a small car, pushing, tea and sympathy; Shaun and Steve for last minute reduced pressure and last minute volts; under weather Chris for connections and lingering; AA patrolman Russell for getting me to the circuit on time; the Head Boys for carpet; Paul for being Paul; Terry C of C for patience, pushing, volts and great support; and lastly but significantly, immense thanks to Rob and Mrs Rob (and the Robetts) without whom home was a faint prospect and the fleshpots of Lavant, or the under wing of a Cessna beckoned. Thank you all for much kindness, karma and friendship.


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James - gald you got back ok *thumbup*


was just a stroke of good fortune that the missus hadn't left for goodwood yet, and I actually knew where the battery was in the garage, just happy it worked first time out.


in no rush for it so use it until you get your sorted and then we can swap the next time our paths cross.



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