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How much performance loss would a safe map create?


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I'm aware this could be a case of "it depends", but before I part with more hard earned this year on a mapping session I was wondering if there is a rule of thumb on safe maps?


The engine is a Steve Parker Racing xflow on twin 40's with a 234 cam. It was treated to a Megajolt last year and on the safe map feels very torquey and revs very cleanly. The extra low down torque means you don't feel the power grow significantly at higher revs - but this could be the map...


Has anyone with a similar spec had before and after runs done? Just wondering what the difference was?

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My experience with a similar engine with a 3d ignition is that the final map doesnt make that much difference. In my case due to electrical problems I ran the engine with a 'safe' map on a temporary ECU for a few miles and then fitted the correct ECU and bespoke map later. It will all depend on the actual map you actually have I suppose.


As you say there is a good torque improvement at low revs with these systems which whilst better takes the peakiness away.

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Peter - no worries *smile*

SM25T - Groans *rolleyes* *smile*


George - that's what I've been thinking...


It's so much torquier low down and on part throttle that it doesn't feel as fast as it used to at the top end - but the speed with which you can overtake people 2-up now suggests the opposite...


I've heard mixed reports about Sanspeed who are the most local Megajolt tuners to me - unless someone knows an alternative RR in Kent?

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