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Another great day at Goodwood with glorius sunshine and lots of friendly faces. It was good to catch up with everyone.


Back home now nursing a bit of sunburn, unfortunatly we've also returned to find that the local recycling truck has managed to thump Ping's car and leave a big dent in the drivers door ☹️ I suspect it's going to be a challenge trying to get them to fix it.



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Unfortunatly it seems no one saw it as we were all outside celebrating the royal wedding (Hence I know it was the council truck as it was the only thing to come down the road that morning). Still I'm going to have a go and see what the council says.
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Great to be back at Glorious Goodwood with all the guys 'n' gals, and particularly to be competing in the same class as Matthew again. Just wish I could get closer to his times - that second run was brilliant 😶‍🌫️! I think I shall have to get Mel to feed him a lot more pies *tongue*!



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Yes very much agree - it was great to see everyone again after such a long closed season *wink* *wink* The competition was a strong as ever with a good sprinkling of new faces *thumbup*


Must mention Sandra, who put in a very good time even after the close encounter with the chicane tyres *eek* *eek*


In class 4 it was nice that 'the nipper' left us older gentlemen (and one lady) to play - even more interesting to see one of our class in full flow on those ZZR's *confused* *confused*


Looking forward to the Wales weekend, will it rain on one or both days 😬


Chris..... *wavey*

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Some good and close competition in Class 1.


Good to see Ian Keene back in competition.


Congratulations to Paul Brown on his first class win *smile* ....I really thought I'd got it on the last run *mad*.





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Really enjoyed the blat down with Prangerman to watch this, the weather was fantastic compared to what had been forecast earlier in the week.


I have quite a few photos of most of the sevens competing, most taken at the chicane so send me a blat mail if you want to see if I have one of you, reg no would help. Some are better than others as I am learning/experimenting with the camera settings.





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