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Ideas For Tying Down A Heavy Container In The Back Of A Van


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This is sort of connected to the website posting I placed on Chitchat, in that it's related to the same person.


A mate has a small car valeting business.


She has recently bought a new van. She has a 200l+ water container that needs to be lugged in and out of the van.


Has anyone got any thoughts as to how the container can be secured in such a way that it's safe but easily removable when required (the van doesnt have a wooden floor).


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To start with with that sort of weight I would recommend a metal bulkhead immediately behind the drivers seat. Most van manufacturers sell them and there are lots of independent retailers. They can either be solid metal sheet or tubular ones are available. Not sure how you would tie down the tank though
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Easy, Find you local truck body builder and get two runs of load locking rail and 2 load retaining bars. If you can get the container on wheels you could ask the same body builder to supply a fold down ramp.

We use all these on our works vans and they are 100% the best way to do the job.

We also have a winch mounted in the front of the vans to pull heavy loads up the ramp.


I would suggest if this is a lady on her own a long hose from the tank would be better than keep taking it in and out.


we use these people here but there will be someone closer to you.

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