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Break light switch


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And adjust it's position slightly so the plunger isn't forced through the contacts.


Mine failed a couple of months after SVA . . . same switch is still working fine 10yrs and lots of miles and lots n lots of hair pin corners later having been tweaked and re-positioned.



(Mind you, my original radiator fan switch and coolant cap are also still working fine - they fail regularly too . . . .)

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I would buy a spare one which you can have in your on board toolkit.


It's a quick job to clean the unit, as Ian says. However, if you are on a blat when the problem happens, then it's still quicker to replace the unit. The little spring does have a habit of travelling a long way when you open the unit!

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T1PAU - is that part number #STSM 🤔 I've done the cleaning thing too many times - it needs a proper solution.




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I too have used the Car Builder Solutions stop light switch in my latest build, on page 49 of their catalogue issue 10. Much better quality than the standard one.

No more need to chase tiny springs around your garage!


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