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2 No. Bonnets - with Duratec filter cut out and K filter cut out


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I have a second hand bonnet available with a Duratec Air Filter cut out. It has been painted in a dark metallic blue and silver centre stripe.


To my eye there are no dings in it.


The second one is from my own Orange car but it has stickers on it. Couple of small dings in this one but really not bad at all.


I will have them on the van all weekend at Stoneleigh.


For the sake of the rules I'm saying £75 each but I have not had time to research value so please make me and offer.

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I can certainly take them if I still have the bonnet then Paul.


I will be taking it to the show as I said (not sure how someone would get it home from there though)


I just have not had time to take pics. Had another look at it and there are certainly no dings in it.


I can leave it here and arrange Gonads shipping if you wish Paul.

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