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mot brake test


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mot tester would not pass my s3 1800k s light on the brake reading on his roller m/c

front ns101, os 96,

rear ns 40, os 59,

hand brake ns70 os 69

i explained the weight of the car but he was not happy about the rears not locking,after 20mins of him haveing to work out the sums he agreed to pass but he was not happy, he must not do to many light cars ,any body had this happen dave *confused*

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Any 7 that I have tested is not done on the rollers as I say that they all have LSD's. Not had one fail other than advisories that the handbrakes are not up to much.


One time the garage did say that their equipment could handle cars with LSD's to which I replied that it may well handle a road car but are they willing to take the chance that its not going to damage the one in a 7 which has been modified to work with a car 1/3rd of the weight that the dif was designed for. Oh and by the way a new LSD will cost about £1000 and ZF dont make the plate type difs any longer!


Never had the conversation again!


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could it damage the lsd on the brake rollers is what you are saying shall not let them do it again, when the car was sva ed their may be some damage done to the lsd as they did long brake test on the rollers, what are the signs of a lsd not working right dave *mad*
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