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Anyone painted a set of wheels?


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Powder coating is always going to be better but requires a blast to remove old paint etc. (but tough and durable). Painting is fine but make sure you give them a VERY good clean and key all of the surface. Use paint prep stuff (it's like a degresing agent) after (I think it's called prepaint) and then take your time building up layers, followed by a good few layers of lacquer for that deep shine (if that is what you are after).


Spray cans will be fine, but obviously better using a proper spray gun.



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You can do it and I have, usually for scruffy cars on steels, but watch out for your overall costs. Aerosols are not cheap these days. I recently had a scruffy bike frame given to me and I wanted to build it up. A local powder coater blasted it clean and powdered it (£25) then added a metallic lacquer for another fiver. It looks a million dollars. It would have cost me that in aerosols and the results would have been nowhere even close. You'll be surprised at how cheaply a powder coater will do it, especially if you can organise blast cleaning yourself.
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