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Curborough 1


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To date we have received a very low number of entries to our May Sprint at Curborough on the 15th.


The event is most certainly under threat given the current numbers. I would remind everyone that to qualify for the Championship you must compete in at least one round held at Curborough.


Please submit your entry immediately if you intend to do so as we will need to confirm the event is economical and indeed place orders for the event awards if it goes ahead.


If you have already entered its a thumbs up from me and ask your fellow competitors if they have.


I will post up a list of entries so far over the weekend.

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At present we do not have sufficient entries to make this viable although it will still go ahead. If you are thinking of entering please do so as soon as possible (some of you who are on the naughty list have been sent a reminder *nono*).


Entries as of yesterday's post are as follows:


Class 1


Robert Jacobs

Graham Holdstock

Nicholas Shaw

David Brown

Steve Causey

David Lynch

Paul Boston

Neil Craig

Ian Keen

Peter Foster

Alan Johnson

Chris Johnson


Class 2


Graham Howard

Roger Legg

Simon Harrison-Moore

Sandra Harrison-Moore

Matthew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins

Jon Ward

Andrew Bramall

Christopher Bramall

David Dowson

Jess Dowson

Paul Collins

Colin Heseltine

Robert Spencer


Class 3


Tom Price

Richard Price

Mark Gibson

Michael Calvert

Tamara Calvert

Jonathan Hughes

Andrew Honnor

Andrew Willoughby

Lisa Willoughby 😳

Malcolm Hickey 😳

Judith Hickey 😳

Jeff Smith

David Wingfield (In the post)

David Horne

Matthew Willoughby

David Nelson

Michael Burnham




Class 4


Chris Howard-Harris

Christopher Gibbs

Michael Sankey

Chris Alston

Nigel Fox

Paul Forster

David Jeggo

Martyn Mills

Stuart Miller 😳

Nick Paul

Lynn Gilbert

Jeremy Davies



Class 5


Darren Luke

Mark Durrant

Robert Margel

Simon Jenks

Simon Rogers

Stephen Holland 😳

Dale Head



Please support this event if you can *thumbup*




Updated to include those received on 4 May 😳

Updated to include those received on 5 May

Updated to include two withdrawls ☹️, late entries and a change of class. I am sure class 3 will give TM an appropriate welcome *tongue*


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  • Support Team

We posted our entry weeks ago and assumed we were in - obviously the sheep have eaten our forms. I will send the forms again so please count us in.

Shaun and Gill

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