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Heater control knob out of reach...


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Am I the only person who can't reach the heater control knob when strapped into the driver's seat?


My car's a new SV Roadsport, and I'm 6' 2". I don't use the seat in its most rearward notch - but I can't reach to adjust the heater without slipping my arm out of the shoulder straps.


Has anyone come up with a particularly nifty modification (to their car)?



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If it's of help I've had exactly the same problem & have used the spacer solution. Due to the min order requirement I've got a spare. It's a 8cm nylon one & seems to work OK. Welcome to it otherwise it'll just end up in the toolbox. Someone may as well get the use of it.


Do need to use thread lock otherwise it drops of into your lap on a regular basis. Email me if you'd be interested. *smile*


Andy (still ironing out teething problems)

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Hi there SL,

If you want to email me a contact address I'll stick them in the post over the weekend, I suppose they're closed tomorrow & I'll be off to the Beacons ASAP


It still involves a little strech to use the heater. If you extend it enough so that it's easy to reach it just irritates the R knee all the time. Ergonomics eh!




NB it's not a heater - it's an ancillary cooling system!

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