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Recommend replacements for Avon CR322


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Hi all, first time post to blatchat and I'm in need of some help.


I own an ex-Academy 52-plate and have used a number of different tyres in the past, namely R888 and Yokos A048. The current set of tyres on the car are the original CR322 and after a couple of seasons on airfield based track days they need replacing.


Phoning a number of places this morning and searching online they do not seem available. I've call Avon and they confirmed that have stopped manufacturing them.


I've tried calling Caterham Parts and their line is seemingly always busy.


Can anyone recommend an alternative, readily available tyre that is similar to the qualities (tongue in cheek *tongue*) of the CR322. I like the fact they are hard wearing and easy to predict when the back end will slip.


The details on the tyre wall is Avon Environ CR322 185/70 R13 86T.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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CR322s are usually available from ex-Academy drivers for peanuts (I sold a good set for £40 and thought I'd done well). If Avon really have stopped making them, I wonder what the Academy is / will be running on?


Would echo the A539 choice. The Classic Grads use them and they do seem to last very well and offer reasonable grip.

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This is a blow. I have CR322s as well, and really like them - and they're pretty good in the wet too.


You haven't given your location, but it might be worth giving Micheldever Tyres a ring. They hold huge stocks and may still have some 322s left. They used to make nationwide deliveries too.

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