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Alternator and starter query


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Can you use a EU2 alternator on a EU3 VVC engine using the EU3 wiring loom.


On the EU3 wiring loom I have a plug but on the EU2 alternator I do not have this plug connection on the alternator, I have checked on another Caterham with this engine EU3 and there is a lead from the alternator leading to the starter.

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I don't know if this will help you, but I've just re-fitted an EU3 alternator, starter and loom.


My alternator is the Bosch one.


There is a two wire connector for the low current 'control' circuit. This runs over the oil filter housing and along the front of the engine below the crank pulley. (The plug is a rounded end so it can only be fitted one way)


There is a thick, high current, lead running directly from the alternator output terminal directly to the starter solenoid (and to the battery)


I would have thought the EU2 alternator would work, but the plugs may need changing to suit?



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K16, can't be certain about the VVC but recently fitted an Eu3 to my brothers EU2 car and used the old alternator. We had the EU3 loom, this only has one connection to the alternator rather than the 2 on the EU2 loom, the brown battery return lead is missing from the EU3 loom (actually it is cut off inside the loom for some reason). We ran a lead from the alternator back to the live feed on the starter, which obviously then goes back to the battery to charge it.


All works fine, I would guess yours is the same.



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