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Roll Cage bolts


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Hi All,

I have just fitted a roadsport cage to a 98 K and the front bolts that it came with don't want to go in. They seem to big? Also there are four (2 a side) of them when it seems to me that 2 longer bolts with 2 nyloc nuts would be a better option?

Has anyone come across this and can help with sizes?

It's a second hand safety devices cage by the way.



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The boss in the chassis is tapped 7/16UNF.

It's quite likely that you'll need to run a tap through the boss to clean up the threads.


The RS cage front fixing uses two short screws (with 5/8" heads) into the same bush. One from the outside, and one from the inside.



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[cracked record]

Go to somewhere like Namrick and buy a mixed pack of UNF fastenings. The favoured sizes are 1/4, 5/16, 3/8" UNF, a few set screws in various lengths and a few nuts and washers will fix most difficulties. Do the same with metric, it will cost a couple of tenners and you have the ability to replace lost/rusty fasteners and you own a set of instant thread gauges. You will wonder how you ever got by without them.

[/cracked record]

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