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Ace, I've got a hole in my cam belt


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Good news is that the new battery starts the car fine, but then I noticed a hole in my cam belt as I had the top cover off to make a blanking plate for the now redundant K-series engine mount.




No idea what could have caused this or how long it's been running like it for, but I'm just thankful it didn't let go halfway round a track. Next thing I need to worry about is in case I've bent some valves while undoing the 22mm crank pulley bolt.


I'll just have to slap a new belt and tensioner on and hope for the best.

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Mankee why would you think that you have bent valves undoing the pulley bolt?


How did you lock it off before you undid it?


The usual method is a flat blade screw diver in one of the starter gear ring teeth.

Before you change the belt buy a cam locking tool to slip between the inlet and exhaust pulleys.


You are one lucky chap having seen the picture!!!


regards Grant

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A total schoolboy error on my part unfortunately, Grant. I had another car in bits on the drive and was waiting for parts to arrive, so thought I'd pull the belt off with the car on the trailer in the garage.


Didn't think to use the screw driver method to start with, so lined up all the timing marks on the cam and crank pulleys, locked the cam pulleys using the usual tool, stuck the car in gear, braced it with the trailer winch and tried to unwind the crank pulley bolt. It slipped back a few teeth but the cam pulleys remained locked. Doh! *eek*


Had a slight panic attack and then remembered the screwdriver method, which worked an absolute treat. Wound the crank clockwise a little so now the marks are all lined up again on the timing pinion and oil pump. I can't remember exactly how far back the crank was turned, so I'm just going to have to count on my lucky stars for a bit more good fortune when I come to start it again!


Lesson learned for next time I think. *redface*

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I doubt you will have bent anything, the lock position is a safe one AFAIK so a few degrees on the crank won't have touched the valves. When I did my head there was a bit of movement getting the pulley off but nothing nasty. You'll know when it goes back together, turn it over on the crank and feel it moving before you fire it up.
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