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Oil Cooler Kit + Apollo?


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My oil temperature rises on trackdays up to 100-120deg after a few laps.

Now I want to buy a Oil Cooler Kit.


Does anyone have fitting instructions for cars with Apollo?


(...don’t want the Laminova... nice part but I have just installed the QED Remote Thermostat in that place and I am very happy with it...)


Thanks, Charly


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Mine would do that & like a lot of owners would always err on the slightly overfull on the dipstick. Resulted in the crank thrashing the oil & heating it up quite quickly to 120. Although I had an Apollo I reckoned the additional aeration wasn't too good either. So I started experimenting with oil levels to find the sweet point where the temperature on track would sit between 100 & 105 (105 is better than 120!). OP wasn't affected.


So how did I do this without draining oil? On long touring holidays I'd monitor the oil temp & oil levels & noticed the point where I'd normally top up (to again overfill) equated to a slightly reduced oil temperature. The difference was maybe a 1/4 to 1/3 litre only.


Problem went away with a dry sump.

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As Mick say's. I think you've got slightly too much oil in it. Same for me, oil temp on track around 105 or so, which used to worry me a bit, along with the oil surge. However, my engines been apart twice over the last 3-4 years (for other reasons), and on both occasions the main bearings have looked pretty good, and I threw the foam away a very long time ago!


So I'd drain a 1/4 litre or so out, and see what that does. Also, give the car a regular break on track days .By all means, hammer it round for a few laps, then do a couple of slow laps, to let everything cool a little before you park it.

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Indeed I have always slightly overfilled it (100 – max. 200ml) because everybody tells me that this is very important for trackdays *eek*


OK. Good point to start. I will experimenting with oil levels too.


Thanks Gents *thumbup*



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