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Cold Start issues


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Battey is on a conditioner when the cars is in the garage.


When i go to start the Engine all I get is a click repeated pressing of the button and the engine will fire. No issues when the engines warm.


Any advise help full


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If you short the terminals on the solenoid, does it start (make sure it's not in gear first!!!)


If yes: not enough juice is getting to the battery

If no: try giving your solenoid a tap with a hammer - it may just be 'stuck' - if this works then you should probably whip it out and give it all a good clean - especially the solenoid plunger.


If the tap doesn't work - perhaps check the resting voltage and the (attempted) cranking voltage of the battery - I think you should see about 14.1V when cranking, less than this is indicative of a dead battery.


Obviously check all your wiring to & from the solenoid and the earthing on the engine/chassis/battery. It all needs to be clean and done up tight so as not to cause too much resistance.


Do you have an isolator key?

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I have just sorted my starting poblems out with a new starter motor from Brise.


A couple of things to note:


Check that the spark plug leads are attached properly to the top of the plugs. Mine were not, the socket on the end of leads had pushed up the plastic tubes and were just resting on the top of the plugs. Starting from cold did improve after I had corrected this.


If your starter is the Magnetto type, I have the old one with an new solenoid attached. I do not need it any longer so you are welcome to make me an offer for the solenoid. BM me - I am not far from you.



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