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Radio comms with intercom when touring.


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Bit of a long shot this, but wondered whether anyone has any experience of this handheld CB unit (or similar) in a Caterham?


I know it sounds daft, but we're going touring in August on (http://tripeuropa.com/ (applications welcomed :) ) and we're planning on communicating with the rest of the teams with CB radios. I know that many people opt for PMRs but a number of people already have CB equipment with Euro bands having used them on other rallies.


Anyway, I have a Starcom Digital intercom and have a lead with will interface with Midland handheld units. This will work well if the reception from the handheld unit is good enough from the supplied flexible antenna (the other "proper" cars will have conventional CB antennas). Any thoughts on how well the small unit will work and what sort of range I could expect? I'm planning on putting it in a SoftBitsForSevens draft reducer pocket between the seats to get it as high as possible.


All thoughts and experiences welcome.






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