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Electrical gremlins....

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Took the Se7en into work today, and it was a bit lumpy when I started it, but a quick touch of throttle seemed to cure it.


Just been out this evening and it was rough starting again, and bogged down every time I gave it big throttle inputs, but I'm pretty sure it's firing on all 4 cylinders.


The shiftlights (DRE ones from the bulkbuy) weren't working properly either - all five LEDs were flickering dimly all the time (and didn't seem to change with revs), and didn't light up sequentially as I approached the redline. Tacho is working fine, and they share the tacho signal.


Got home, and realised the brake lights weren't working - well the centre LED one flickers a tiny bit as I press / release the pedal. Possibly the brake switch in the pedal box to blame - will strip it down over the weekend.


Then I realised the nearside sidelights / tail light and number plate lamp were not working either - 5A fuse was blown. Now replaced they are OK, in the garage at least.


Everything else seems to be absolutely fine.


So... are the faults likely to be related? Seems strange that I'd have so many independent faults altogether.


Any idea what to check *confused* The shift light has three wires - tacho signal, switched live and earth (taken from the earth terminal under the scuttle).


EDITED TO ADD: 1.8K running MEMS




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